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Musical Photos

Tiyul - Hike

Today we went on a tiyul - a hike. As we walked, there was a great view, we could also see the lake (Big Bear Lake), animals, plants and flowers all around us. There was also a fair amount of shade here and there. We had lots of water breaks so nobody got thirsty or was thirsty for too long.

We played two games: Camouflage (basically hide and go seek, except the person who is "it" has to stand in one spot and the people that are hiding  always have to see the person's eyes).

At another game we got a paper with someone's name. To eliminate someone from the game, you had to say Backlauw in a normal voice to that person, without anyone else hearing you. Then you would get their paper slip with another person's name, and then you had to eliminate him or her. You win the game once you get the paper slip with your name.  This game means you have to learn to trust and know everyone's names.

Once we got to Castle Rock there was this jumbo rock. I found another way t…

Shabbt Blogging - SyCho

Monster Bar-Mitzvah Last week, we were told to dress up and act as friends and family of Ronnie, the “Bar-Mitzvah boy”. We would be attending his simcha that night.
While we were listening to his speech, there was interruption… Dun-dun-dunnn!!!  Monsters came streaming through the doors, clawing us and moaning. We split into groups and began our monster celebration. Each station had a different activity that showed us what monsters think a bar-mitzvah should look like.
At one station we learned a “Monster Mash” dance. We also visited a monster photo booth and roared for the camera. At another station, we wrote notes to the bar mitvah boy. We painted them on a picture of his face and then got our own faces painted. At the last station, volunteers from the group tasted the special monster smoothie made of old leftovers (gross!)
Al in all, we realized that a monster bar-mitzvah was much more fun than a regular one.
-      -  Ari, Nina, Eliza
Zombies vs. Ninjas vs. Dinosaurs vs. Pirates On…

Shabbat Photos