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Videos from camp

It's a challenging task to take, edit and upload video during camp, but we wanted to share them with you even if camp is already over. We hope you're still watching the blog.

We told you several times about the Shabbat experience in our blog entries, via stories and pictures, and here is a beautiful short video to share how Shabbat is celebrated at Camp.

Yom Gilboa

For Those who visited the camp during visitors day - Yom Gilboa - it will be unforgettable, and a chance to see this again. For those who did not, it will be a chance to see this for the first time. Here are our chanichim performing at Yom Gilboa, one group at a time, and then the entire Camp performing two songs together.

... And did you know that Habonim Dror song 'Od Lo Gamarnu' was originally invented at Gilboa? well, here are the Summer 2011 Camp Gilboa Chanichim and Tzevet singing it

This last video was posted earlier on Facebook. It was prepared by our Camp Gilboa Summer 2011 tzevert, and it speaks for i…

Farewell Kayitz 2011

Dear Families and Chanichim,

Three days ago, with many prolonged hugs and sad sad songs, we bade farewell to our Kayitz 2011 chanichim. The streaming tears testified to the deeply meaningful experiences the chanichim and madrichim created for themselves this summer. We spent five weeks building a loving kehila (community) together. It was hard to say goodbye.

To recap the final days of machane: We had challenging and fun tiyulim (hikes) followed by a kupa trip into Big Bear to see Harry Potter and eat ice cream. After that was our final Shabbat of the summer, with Musical and Medurah acts reaching new heights of greatness. As always, we ended with a bang on final Messiba (party). Ruach remained high until the last chanich stepped onto the bus.

Many thanks to all the chanichim, madrichim and families that made this summer happen. As the first summer at our new site, it really was a glorious chapter in Gilboa history. Congrats to the Bogrim for completing their time as chanichim and to …

Musical & Wish Night

Our last shabbat musicale everyone had a great time.

Our Bogrim:

Night before last at camp, we had our traditional "Wish Night", where
chanichim are granted what they wished for. Here's Asher, who will never
lose or forget a flashlight again.

Shira will be taller.

Mikey about to bathe in coca cola.

A dog for Oliver and Galia.

A book written for Josh, about Josh.

... And the story ends with a pie in the face.

Mayo and relish bath for Sarina.

Rowing contest for Liam and Dana.

A visit and special performance of Bob Dylan.