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All Buses Arrived !!!

We are writing to let you know of the safe arrival of the busses to camp. Chanichim were greeted with shira (singing) and a lot of ruach (spirit), and they are off to lunch.  
Don't forget to write to your kid in camp, they love getting letters from home:

Your child's name  Camp Gilboa P.O. Box 1532 Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-1532

SoCaL travelling to camp

Going to camp looks the same, whether you are flying or traveling by bus. It's all about meeting good friends again,  saying goodbyes to the parents and meeting madrichim and Dalit !!

Here are some great pictures from LA sending off kids and their buses. (Thanks to David!)

NorCal travelling to Camp

Summer camp starts for NorCal kids with a flight... Kids and parents gather at the gate. Friends meet and happy to see each other. Last hugs and ... on to the plane.
When the kids get on the plane, last small surprise: Southwest flight captain greets them 'Oh, yeah, we have Camp Gilboa on the plane today!'
Next stop: Ontario - meet the counselors (madrichim), get on the buses and on to camp. Summer camp starts !

Camp Starts Tomorrow!

Summer is here, and with it the reopening of Machaneh Gilboa for our third summer in our new home.  All looks great up here beside Bluff Lake.  At this year’s work weekend, we built a new gan/garden (3 large raised beds for campers to plant) and a brand new gaga pit.  We also set up our new archery range.  We are now preparing for 170 registered campers – our largest summer ever.  We are especially excited about the two big “Nitsanim” kvutzot we'll have this summer, where 3rd and 4th graders will get a taste of the Gilboa experience, as these youngest campers are the future of HD Camp Gilboa.  We hope you received and enjoyed our Summer Newsletter 2013 – if not, visit our website to see our latest newsletter (  In this edition we had so much to share; new people volunteering, old friends reconnecting with each other through our alumni activities, fun year-round peulot (activities) that engaged the children with their chevra (peers), a…