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Gilboa Idol - part two (updated)

Sayarot performed a well choreographed dance to the song "radioactive".

And Chotrim danced a complete story telling session to a Queen's song.

Shomrim went wild and floor hopped!

And the older kvutzot - Bonim, Bogrim and Madatz did well with not as well-rehearsed but pretty wild improvised dances. The evening ended, of course, with a Gilboa Tie and a dance party for all.

Gilboa Idol - the Judges and Amelim performing to "Annie's - It's a Hard Knock Life for Me"

Gilboa Idol is a chance for each kvutza to choreograph a performance together, or to choose to improvise an on the spot dance. The Amelim took it seriously and put on a show with props and all.

Shabbat at Gilboa

A rainy Erev Shabbat prevented the usual human chain walk to the lake, but ruach was still high. The Amelim and Nitsanim performed a song for the entire camp at the chadar ochel (dining hall), and the entire room joined their "Hey Jude".

During Shabbat morning chanichim have a chance to participate in various activities. From Frisbee Golf to poetry writing to board games - as long as they have their madrichim to learn from.

Shabbat afternoon is when musicale takes place, which makes it a favorite time for chanichim and tzevet alike. Musicale is a series of performances that chanichim prepare. They include poetry, singing and music and give a chance for personal expression with a lot of support from the audience.

Chugim (electives) at Gilboa

At the start of each session campers choose their daily chug. Chugim give the madrichim a chance to bring their expertise and passions into machaneh and share them with their chanichim. For chanichim it's a chance to develop a skill, discover a new one, and develop relationship with friends out of their kvutza. Chugim are a mixed age group activities, which means that older and younger chanichim interact, get to know each other, and have a chance to mentor and learn from each other.

Chug Music in Action

Chug Living Poets Society - practiced spontaneous responses to poetry prompts - in nature!

Chug Hippies and Hipsters are learning about the magic and fun of the sixties, and the chinuch associated with them. Here - coming up with their own hippie names.

Chug Artsy Fartsy

Chug Superheroes started by chanichim choosing their own superpower and designing an appropriate costume.

Chug "Chugs and Kisses" practice random acts of kindness.

And on Shabbat, chanichim get to experi…