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Bonim Shabbat Blogging

Bonim's Shabbat Blogging was left as a draft on the blog. Here is their chance to be published bloggers:

Tikkun Olam
Habonim Dror has begun to take a different direction, reminding ourselves of our roots and values. Tikkun Olam or "healing the world" is core to our movement or to Gilboa. We have begun to reach out and plan what each one of us can contribute and how we can collectively improve our home communities. We also discussed subjects such as the difference between short and long term solutions, symptoms of injustice and the systems that cause them, as well as avenues to social changes such as teach-ins, rallies, protests, etc.

- Elijah

Aliyah Bet 
It all started at 1am, when we were woken up by madrichim telling us "wake up, it's time to make Aliyah!" After a few minutes of resisting, we were outside making ID cards for our aliyah. We were led by a rope to "get into Israel", but encountered some obstacles, including getting sprayed by water g…



If you don’t already know, Revo is a day where the madatz (Counselors in Training) take over camp and kick out the madrichim. The madatz then run camp and have a special themed day for all the chanichim. 
For this year’s Revo, we as the madatz ran a board game-themed day. The chanichim were divided into groups led by main characters such as hippos from the game hungry hungry hippos, soldiers from the game of risk, candy-themed characters from candy land, and characters called Ace and Jack that led a playing card group. Each group created their own cheer and got very involved in representing their group game. 
In the beginning of the day, it was announced that Mr. Money Bags (from the game of Monopoly) had bought everyone out and would only let one game stay in Gameland (the fictional setting for the day.) Chanichim then had to compete against each other in a round robin style, going from station to station in their groups. Every station was themed around a specific board game which …