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The first day...

A lot of sun, a lot of fun, so much happiness. What more can the kids ask for?

All the kids are doing fine!
Happy with their kvutza (group) and madrichim (counselors).

We even had our first performance in the new amphitheater.
Wow! It's so, exciting, everything is NEW in our NEW camp!

For all of our Jewish moms out there, we have some excellent news: our NEW mitbach (kitchen) is working flawlessly, and all the food is prepared fresh and from scratch. It's the "Camp Gilboa Food Revolution".

Summer Camp 2011 Started !

Our first blog entry is short, to tell you that everyone arrived to camp safely.
Chanichim (campers) were greeted with shira (singing) and a lot of ruach (spirit), and spent the rest of the day getting to know the camp, their madrichim (counselors) and each other.
There's no question that this summer is going to be more exciting than ever before at Gilboa's new home in Camp Bluff Lake, on the beautiful mountain, by the lake.

We will make sure to share our excitement and experiences right here. Stay tuned for more coming soon...
Camp Gilboa Tzevet 2011