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Last Shabbat Summer 2012

Shabbat Photos.

Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court is a Gilboa tradition that received a revised treatment on Wednesday night. The night opened with the classic procedures: The chanichim took the Madrichim to court for various “transgressions” (example: forgetting to wake up the Bogrot at Kima). Justice was served via whipped cream pies in the face of the convicts. When punishment went too far, however, the night turned into a provocative analysis of America’s Justice system. Machaneh explored the potential for restorative justice to act as a substitute for the prison system.

Silent Night

Machaneh (camp) is usually loud (in a good way) with chanichim singing, playing and shouting cheers at the top of their lungs. But on Tuesday evening machaneh was completely quiet.

The stage was set for this special evening by letting everyone know that although there is a set plan, the success of the evening depends on everyone’s cooperation. The goal was to learn to communicate in new ways other than our voices and words. Chanichim were to go through different challenges, as a group, using only body language, movements and eye contact. They were asked to be patient and to observe their friends.  The first station was a rope tied to a stick which the group had to cooperate moving in a spiral. The next one - the group stood on chairs where at each new stage, musical chairs style, one chair had to be removed – so that  in the first stages they had to start sharing chairs, and eventually, when the number of chairs was further reduced, they had to hold and support each other while figurin…

Yom Israel

Monday was one of the most anticipated days at camp – Yom Israel – Israel Day.
The day began with enthusiastic American tourist who got everyone excited for a tour of Israel. Chanichim entered the chadar (dining hall) which was decorated as a mini-Israel, with a Kinneret and large posters of Israeli cities and regions. While everyone had a delicious Israeli breakfast, a portal opened and ghosts of past Zionist thinkers stormed in. They were resentful of the shallow perspective of Israel presented by the tourist, and promised to show a more accurate depiction of Israeli history and essence. The ghosts led a tour through different parts of the country, exposing a more complex picture of the society. At each station campers met representatives of different minorities and Zionist thinkers who told them more about their vision.

Campers went through the following stations: Negev – The ghost of David Ben Gurion presented chanichim with his vision of the Negev as a test of pioneer vigor and his…