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X-Men tochnit erev

mutant madrichim! a human knot

BoCoup Photos!

For the Wizard of Oz themed activity, the Bogrim dressed up and took over Machaneh for the morning! bogrim munchkins a crazy colorful breakfast!
The Wizard of Oz getting messy, while looking for Dorothy bobbing for apples in chocolate water
the nitsanim enjoy the special munchkinland breakfast!

Last Day of Nitsanim!

Yom Yisrael

Rikkud in the pool getting water for the cows making pita Soccer!

Yom Yisrael

Rikkud at Hitkansut Boker
Hatikvah a delicious Kibbutz-style breakfast learning about the Knesset

Harragut Faire and Nitsanim Pics

Yom Gilboa to Yom Yisrael....

It was great seeing all of you during Yom Gilboa. We had an amazing time, still have plenty of snacks and left-overs for tzevet, and are proud to announce that we raised a little more than a thousand dollars towards chanichim scholarships. Though that night was a little difficult for some of our chanichim whom experienced a bit of homesickness, we recovered the next day with a regular seder yom (daily schedule) in which we resumed our normal activities. Last night the tochnit erev was a Harrogate Fair (carnival themed) which was fun for everyone and filled with face painting, dancing, water games, night swimming, trivia stations, and sponge throwing.

The addition of the Nitsanim has contributed a huge burst of energy to a suddenly smaller machaneh. Though they have a separate program, every moment shared with them and the rest of machaneh has been treasured, with every chanich smiling at how adorable they are (like today during hitkansut erev, when they finally perfected their Boot…

More Yom Gilboa performances

Madatz Everyone sings "Hagalshan"
The band plays "Shir L'Shalom"

Yom Gilboa (formerly known as Visitors Day)

Sayarim sing Chotrim Shomrim Bonim Bogrim mmmm...delicious goodies from parents!

More Shabbat Photos

Rikkud Friday Night
Musicale on Saturday

Shabbat 2nd Session

walking to kabbalat shabbat after mishpachot Shomrim sing a shabbat song singing haham amerosh the biggest circle Gilboa has ever seen! zman huggy kissy