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First Southern Bay Ken of the year!

Hey, here are some pictures of the first ken event in Sunnyvale. It was a pool party with games and a peula about the upcoming ken year. Fun times.

Photos from Fall Seminar!!!

Fall Seminar 08 was awesome!!!!

Full to the max, we swarmed the Institute and transformed it from an old yucky building to a mini Machaneh Gilboa for the weekend! It was a weekend of fun and friends- 65 of them!. We kicked it off with a traditional Gilboa Shabbat with shira and rikud and all. Saturday we spent some time in the park doing different chugim that the tzevet offered. We decided together to use the left over chanachim kupa money from the summer to help people who need some help paying for camp! Back at the Institute we had a few peulot. One in mixed shikvot groups, and one by kvutza. Havdalla and Meducal ended the day nicely. The food was awesome all weekend and so was the ruach. It was a great Fall Seminar and it was great to see everyone!