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Shabbat Photos, Musical, Nitsanim on the Lake

Shabbat Blogging - PISH and its Values

Pish is a period of time where madrichimot introduce a topic of discussion to campers. These topics we discuss are relevant to today's world and almost always appear in our daily lives.

From racism to body image, from feminism to human rights, the discussions open our minds to new ideas and solutions. Tzevet (staff) spends a lot of time making Pish more fun, interesting and relatable. We watch educational videos, play trigger games, and conduct debates to fully grasp the topic of discussion. Different age group have different activities and questions so they can understand the topics.

So what do we get out of Pish? Education on important topics, the ability to challenge each other (and sometimes) respectfully disagree with other opinions, and the ability to share personal experiences with our kvutza.

During our feminism Pish, boys and girls split up and discussed two different aspects of the topic. Girls discussed internalized sexism, and boys discussed how to be allies. The topic…

What Gilboa Means to Me

What Gilboa Means to Me  - by Rachel Chemerisov, Tzabimot (9th grade)
To me, Gilboa means community To work together as one, to find the solution for many Believing in everyone, whether or not one believes in themselves To bring someone up when they are down And bring people even higher than they already are As a family, or kvutza, to support each other and build our relationships
We must build together, because we are the posterity of Gilboa. We are Habonim Dror.
“We are one, our cause is one, we must help each other if we are to succeed.” -Frederick Douglass

Welcome Nitsanimot, Harold and the Purple Crayon Tochnit Erev, Madatzimot Nitsanimot Avodah and ACA Accreditation

This past Wednesday we got to welcome the Nitsanimot kvutza, our youngest group who came for a "taste of Gilboa". Nitsanimot mostly have their own program, but on Thursday night they participated at a camp wide Tochnit Erev (evening program) - themed Harold an the Purple Crayon.

Together with everyone, they witnessed how Harold's purple crayon was taken away from him in an attempt to curb his creativity. Everyone went on a quest to bring back the purple crayon and restore creativity and imagination to Harold, for the sake of the people in his life.

Chanichimot went through a series of activities, and at each station they replenished some of the originality that was lost. They explored predetermined ballet moves versus free form dance; they brainstormed everything that can happen with a crayon; they made a dragon out of graham crackers, raisins and candy - following instructions at first, and then making their own (and eating it); and then they painted the chadar ochel (d…