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San Diego Ken 8/31

What a fun day with the San Diego Ken! The first of many super cool kens to look forward to from San Diego. We all gathered for the first time since Machaneh ended at Soak City, a water park like no other. There all 18 of us went on slides, splashed in the wave pool, soaked in some sun, ate some pizza and talked about camp. Good times.

Shabbat Dinner LA Ken 8/29

Here are just a few pictures from the Shabbat Ken in LA 8/29. It was a great way to kick off the Ken year in LA with almost 30 chanachim attending! It was at Sid Oderberg's house- thanks Sid! We played mafia, and had pizza and potluck Shabbat dinner together followed by Shabbat shira and Israeli rikud. Come to the Ken!

The first Ken Peula of the year!

Last Friday I was fortunate enough to be in Berkeley to attend the first peula of the year, a lovely Shabbat potluck dinner at the home of Rosh Ken Emily Mayer.  With more than 30 chanichim in attendance from both the Bay and the Silicon Valley, it was a great success, with plenty of good food, singing, and a check in.  There was even jello with a Habonim Dror semel on it!The shabbat dinner kicked off what promises to be an amazing year full of exciting and fun events.  This upcoming friday there will be a peula in Los Angeles, and Sunday the 31st there will be peulot in both San Diego and the Silicon Valley!  So mark your calendars and come by to see all your friends from the summer

Pictures from Shabbat Dinner in Berkeley

Los Angeles Event

Hi Everyone! I hope you have all had time to relax and recover from a wonderful jam packed summer. Alysse, our Rosh Ken LA from last year, asked me to pass on the following information. She has worked on this project throughout the year, and now her parents will be hosting a sale at their home. Please see below for all relevant information.

Please join us for a summer sale
and learn more about

The Oakwood Chiapas Project has been selling the artisan products of Las Mujeres de MaĆ­z en Resistencia for eight years. These indigenous women artisans are struggling to create a livelihood for themselves and their families but have no market or distribution network for their goods in Mexico. Oakwood students and faculty members bring these beautiful items here to Los Angeles to sell at private homes and fundraisers. All proceeds from this sale go directly to the women of Chiapas.

Everyone is invited to come, look and buy from an array of adult and children’s clothi…

Wish Night

a ferrari to fly pie in the face! (maybe not exactly what they wished for) a warm bath ??? an imaginary friend a tea party with bogrim to breathe underwater the biggest pinecone ever to learn to yodel


the Madatz appear to chase away all the madrichim
Zeus and Hera preside over breakfast in the land of the Greek Gods

soap hockey

preparing for the Trojan war
war Go Titans!

Last Shabbat of 2008

what you get when Bogrim braid challah Chotrim singing Shomrot Bogrim