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Sara's Dad's Post

Shalom Gilboa!

It rarely happens that a parent gets to spend a few hours with us during a regular day at camp. This winter, Sara's dad had to pick her up for a Bat-Mitzvah, and got to see Gilboa in action. I asked him to write about what he saw, and here it is:

My friend Ron and I set out from West LA on Friday morning around 7:15 for Angelus Oaks. We feared the worst--a long, traffic-ridden, snow-filled, chains-on-tires drive that would try my patience and technical skills. What a pleasant surprise it was then when two hours and fifteen minutes later--after an effortless, chain-free ride-- we pulled into a parking spot at Alpine Meadows, where the Gilboa winter game was located. Our mission was to pick up my daughter, Sara, and return before Shabbat to join in the bat-mitzvah of a dear family friend.

The even greater surprise was what we discovered when we walked into the chadar ochel (dining hall). The room was bursting with energy, enthusiasm, and above all, fun. I've b…
Shalom Gilboa FamiliesWe are finishing our Shabbat up here at Machaneh Choref and getting ready to head home tomorrow.We started our Shabbat on Friday afternoon with a long chofesh (free time) with tzrif (cabin) cleaning, showering, and musical jamming. All nice and clean we gathered for Hatikva and broke into our mishpachot (families) by ezor (region) to share our experiences from the last days. Kabbalat Shabbat is a wonderful time at machaneh, and this winter is no exception. Gilboa’s never seen such explosive ruach (spirit) during Shabbat shira (singing), and the rikud (Israeli dancing) went on for hours. Shabbat morning in Gilboa is a peaceful time for chanichim (campers) to play board games, read books, and rest. After a late breakfast, a fast-forward skit of the life of Moses presented our torah portion discussion of the week.Chugim (interest groups) followed, and chanichim could choose between fun ones like Snoccer (soccer in the snow), music, or more serious discussion groups.…

Machaneh Choref is going great!

Shalom Gilboa Families We have been having an amazing time the past few days up here at Machaneh Choref, packed with snowy fun and inspiring activities.Going with the theme of Melting Apathy, we had an amazing peula broken up into age groups where we discussed Tikkun Olam as Jewish resistance to apathy. Each age group had a separate age appropriate activity to explore and discuss this concept from many different angles. The climax came with a tekkes (ceremony) with the whole machaneh, where each kvutzah came together to rally around a common cause and vow to take action to repair this world as Jews, as youths, and as members of Habonim Dror. It was a powerful tekkes for everyone involved, and incredibly inspiring for the chanichim. They engaged in social issues and discussed how to take action and not be apathetic, they are an amazing groups of kids.Fortunately, the storm passed and left a ton of snow. We have had blue skies, and warm sunshine the last few days, making machaneh gorgeo…
Yesterday camp had lots of fresh snow. Today the sun came out and it was a great opportunity to play in the snow. Here is a set of pictures that show how fun it is.

You can view and download the full set of hi-res pictures also thru picasa with this link
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Zman Sheleg (Snow Time)

Machaneh Choref (winter camp) 2010

Shalom Gilboa Families,We are all here safe and sound with lots and lots of snow! It started snowing the day we arrived and hasn’t stopped. Lots of snowmen, snowball fights and beautiful scenery for us.Yesterday we all arrived to a hot pizza lunch and soft snow falling. The day continued with orientation, and tochnit erev (evening program). The theme of this machaneh choref (winter camp) is “Snow What? – Melting Apathy”, with several activities throughout the week dedicated to talking about apathy, the role it plays in our lives, and how we can step out of it and engage both locally and globally. Last night’s tochnit erev consisted of the chanichim (campers) working through a series of fun challenges to free the madrichim (counselors) from the spell of Mr. Apathy, and imprisoning him for the rest of machaneh. We woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of snow and made the most of it with a machaneh wide game of snow capture the flag/ snowball fight on the sports field. After taking a …