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Shabbat Blogging - Sayarim (6th graders)

Here are some of the week's experiences, as described by the Sayarim (6th graders):
Seriously PISH In my opinion, this year by far has had the best pishes. A PISH (peulat shichva) is where the kvutza plays a fun, light game that represents something. Then, we will have a deep, deep, meaningful sicha (discussion) about it. One time, we baked cookies with the ingredients representing the different cultures in Israel. After that, we watched a short film about these cultures and then ate the cookies! Today we ate oreos and talked about how capitalism affects the environment . 2015’s pishes are better than ever!
-        - Tomek &; Aidan

Revo On Wednesday the 29th, the Madatz (counselors in training) took over Gilboa for Revo (revolution). The theme was Monsters Inc. and it was so awesome! For breakfast they put food coloring  on basically everything. The decorations really made it look like the “scare floor” from the movie. Then we went to Scare Training to practice scaring! Then we …

Tiyul - Nature Hike

Leaving for Tiyul


Every Shabbat evening, chanichim put together musicale, a show of music, poetry and improvisational pieces. This week, Bogrim created and performed the introductory skits presenting the pieces and honed their pun-and-perform skills.

Gilboa Second Session Photos