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Gilboa Summer 2015 In Full Speed

Wonderful first two  days in Gilboa have passed and chanichim (campers) have been reconnecting and forming new relationships. This morning they discussed with their kvutza (age group) how they are going to split work responsibilities among themselves. They were also presented with electives options (chugim) and got to choose them. Options ranged from 'Artsy Fartsy', 'Science (or: 'Take Things Apart'), 'Happy', 'Women' and 'Hip Hop Culture'.  
Last night, chanichim went on a mission to find one of the counselors' (madrichim) missing dentures (they're old, you know), and found out that Benny, the camp dog, had eaten them. This evening chanichim were taken on a "Hollywood journey". They got to professionalize their selfie-taking technique, explored stars wax museum to get better acquainted with the desirable looks, learned how the coolest singers dance, and got a glitter makeover. Although they learned the skills, the "p…