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LA Ken 11/14- Shomrim- Bogrim

Havdalla with the Shomrim-Bogrim!
We met up at the Institute and hung out for a bit. Then the mean King Tom came out and started barking orders at us. But all of the sudden 3 alternative governmental styles emerged to give us options! We learned about the different kinds and decided that democracy rules and then had a discussion about the election last week and our power as well-informed youth in our democracy. Then we voted to eat pizza and we did. Some silent football, and havdalla a little later and that was that. Super fun!

LA Ken 11/15- Nitzanim-Chotrim

Nitzanim-Chotrim ken at the La Brea Tar Pits!
Not even fire stopped the nitzanim-chotrim from coming to this special ken! Meeting at the LA Brea Tar Pits we played some games and had some fun. Then we entered the museum and looked at all the cool stuff inside. Bones, gardens, movies, a life size moving mammoth! It was neat. Back outside we walked around the grounds and saw the boiling tar and the statues of ancient Ice Age animals, and rolled down the grassy hills. It sure was fun.

Sunnyvale SUkkot Ken

Awesome ken in Sunnyvale celebrating Sukkot together!
We met and got started with a few games of reflection on the long past year and things we are proud that we accomplished. Then we had a few stations where we talked about our year and made resolutions for the new one, learned about the meaning of Sukkot and made decorations, and best of all- actually built the sukkah! Then we sat and chatted a bit, and celebrated Timna's birthday! Goooood times.

Las Vegas Ken 11/1-3

Pictures from the second ken in Las Vegas! Started the ken off right with a pizza dinner at a near by pizza place, then some Havdalla on the trampoline! Then we drove into the desert and had ourselves a huge medurah under the stary sky. We baked potatoes and onions and sang songs. In the morning we watched Promises and talked about the Arab Israeli conflict through the eyes of youth. What a ken!