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Last Shabbat Machaneh


Revo - Revolution - is one of the most anticipated experiences (along with Yom Israel, Wish Night and Zap) each summer. This is when the Madatz (counselors in training) revolt against the old machaneh order where madrichim are in charge, drive them away and take over machaneh for an entire day.

Revo follows the structure of Yom Meyuchad (Special Day), where chanichim enter a world brought to life by characters, skits and costumes. This is a participatory experience and through fun games, friendly competitions and discussions, chanichim become part of the story, help resolve the dilemmas and conflicts the storyline presents and get to discuss the ideas and values in a way that is relevant to their own lives.

You will hear more about the day from the madatz kvutza who are preparing their own blog post, but in the meantime, here are a few photos

Zman Brecha

Zman Breacha (Pool Time) continues to be a very much loved part of the day. This is where we get a chance to hang out with friends in a less structured way, talk, play, swim, get a bit wild in the water, and get to know each other better.