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Hobbitka'ah and Yom Meyuhad

The last full day of winter camp was one of explorations and voyages. The Hebrew Word of the Day was Harpatka’a – Adventure, and the morning started with Gandalf the Grey informing Bilbo Baggins and the chanichim (campers) that their next adventure entails discovering the secret of the youth movement. Bilbo was reluctant to leave, and only after hearing from the chanichim that they would join his journey, he was convinced. And so started the Hobbitka’ah.
Chanichim were taken by different Hobbit characters to explore and uncover the secret. Gandalf the Grey believed the secret was a connection to Israel. He took the groups on the backs of eagles for a visit. Lord Elrond perceived the secret lies in the movement’s semel (symbol), and took the groups on an ice-breaking mission to expose long-buried symbols. Gollum thought it was the precious pillars, and played a riddle game where campers uncovered all five of them.Eventually, all the characters returned, and the chanichim informed them…