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End of summer

The end of camp has been emotional.After Havdallah last night, we had our final medura (campfire) of the summer.Chanichim performed acts, sang, and danced.Following medura, everyone went to the chadar ochel for Final Mesiba (party), which featured such activities as face painting, a moonbounce with a slide, postman, cotton candy, and—of course—dancing.We woke up early to do hitkansut, eat breakfast, and prepare to depart.The first bus picked up the chanichim (campers) going to the Ontario Airport, Irvine, and San Diego.After a flood of hugs and tears, the chanichim on the first bus drove away as the Los Angeles kids waved goodbye.Not long after, the second bus arrived to take the chanichim from Los Angeles home.There was hugging and crying as madrichim (counselors) and chanichim said their goodbyes.The tzevet (staff) sang a heartfelt rendition of “Splendor Bridge” as the Los Angeles bus pulled away.Thanks all for a great summer!We miss you!  See you at machaneh choref (winter camp)!