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Kangaroo Court and the Criminal Justice System

Claire here.

The night began with kangaroo court - a night where chanichimot get to take their madrichimot to court. After a few silly trials, full of madrichimot getting pied and being forced to drink weird concoctions, the night took a different turn. We began to investigate a different, less fun way of administrative consequences - the American juvenile justice system. 

Chanichimot learned about the juvenile prison through a play put on by madrichimot and discussed some of the ingrained injustices within it. Next, they discussed alternatives to the justice system ranging from restorative justice to a better, more inclusive education system. The chanichimot finished the night by connecting the fight against injustice in the juvenile justice system to the values we learn at machaneh. For example, in contrast to the way the juvenile justice system often views youth as if they have no potential to change, machaneh believes in and sees the full capability and potential of every child. 

 - Claire Goldberg, Kvutza 66, Gilboa Madricha