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Chug Dreams!

Oh hey, didn’t see you there, it's us, Jack and Keren.

During first session of machaneh (camp) we ran chug (elective) Dreams. On the first day of our chug, Chanichimot (campers) wrote down a dream they had, and the following days we turned those dreams into reality. 

One chanichol dreamt of a fancy dinner party so we spent a "day" eating candy by the lake. Another chanichol dreamt of being a spy so we sneaked into the forbidden madatz shetach (CIT area). We also spent one hour lying on the dam by the lake while we took a nap and gave our chanichimot cotton candy. The last dream that we reenacted was helping a chanichol build up a city on a distant planet where everything was blue. To get there we had to first create a spaceship. It truly was a magical chug where we made our chanichimot’s dreams come true! 

 - Keren Cohen, Jack Howorth, Kvutza 65, Gilboa madrichimot