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Amelimot (5th Graders) Shabbat Blogging

One day, I went kayaking with my kvutzah. There was a beautiful lake, there were amazing kayaks, there were paddles, there was a lifeguard (Jack) to help us on his own kayak, and people helping other kids in and out of the kayaks.

There was a beautiful lake. It had pretty evergreen trees around it. There was seaweed growing inside the lake. There was a small island in the middle. It was very sunny out and great weather.

all of the kids were helping each other get in the kayaks - it was really nice. They also helped each other get out of the kayaks. It was really good teamwork. I was so happy to do it with my kvutzah.

Everyone had to paddle to keep the kayaks moving. You had to do it the opposite side as your partner. It was difficult sometimes but we kept our balance. It was my first time kayaking and I loved it!

Jack is the head lifeguard and was watching over the lake as we were kayaking. He was paddling around with a single kayak and a double paddle. Hi kayak was yellow. He had a whistle and if he blew three times it means "get out of the water!", and if he blew it once, it means "listen up!"

That was my Fun Kayaking time and it was super awesome. I definitely want to go kayaking again!

 - Breklyn

PISH (peulat shichva)
PISH is a time for learning, but you learn with fun activities. One of the recent pishes that the madrichimot had planned was about Jewish and Human Values, and we had a little treat to go with it. We had to create our own ice cream sundae. Ice cream was the case and it represented Judaism and the different toppings were the values. If you really believed in a certain value and felt it was part of what it means to you to be Jewish, you chose that topping and made it part of your sundae. We had oreos for Helping Others, M&Ms for Environmentalism, graham crackers for Collective Responsibility, chocolate chips for Feminism, and marshmallows for Equality. I chose all of them because I believe in all of them. Then we all presented our own sundaes and had a conversation to share what we chose.

 - Hudson

Chofesh & Toranut & Meals
Chofesh is free time after lunch or dinner. There are several things you can do. You can get mail (only after dinner), you can play gaga, clean up your tzrif (cabin), rest, play basketball on the slab, climb the rocks (only if there's a madrichol - counselor - to watch you), or you can walk around and be with your friends. But, if you're on toranut (dish washing duty), madrichimot (counselors) call you and you have to do the set up for the meal and cleanup after everyone, and it cuts into your chofesh. This happens once every eight days.

I like toranut. First, because we get to eat quietly before everyone else, and we sit together. Then we get to clean up and sing songs while we do it. Together, we're making toranut a fun thing and creating a fun atmosphere.

If you get a package, you have to come to the misrad (office) and get it with your counselors. We leave food/candy in our kvutzah box, so we can all share it later. If you don't get any mail or packages on the first few days, it means that your parents are writing them right now.

Meals are really good. Sometimes, you get shmeryled during a meal. A Shmeryl is a poem about someone, written with rhymes, and written on a random object. If you get shmeryled, you have to write a new shmeryl about another person, so it creates an ongoing poetry chain.

 - Bobby

Yesterday we had an epep (evening program after evening program, and it's usually a party or something involving being with friends). It was to celebrate a birthday of someone in our kvutzah (Oren). Here's how it happened:

Step one: run around to music
Step two: set up tables and chairs with the madrichimot - also to the sound of music
Step three: chill for a while
Step four: bake a cake
Step five: watch anime
Step six: eat cake
Step seven: clean up
Step eight: brush teeth
Step nine: play a quiet game with your kvutzah
Step ten: go to bed

 - Galen and Oren

Rikkud (Israeli Dancing)
Every Friday night, the whole camp comes together to dance. We do fun dances, cool dances, and really funny dances. It is a really fun night and good to dance together with the community. You get together with your friends, have great snacks, and madrichimot teach us the dances we don't know yet.

 - Alexa

Zman Kehillah (community learning time)
During Zman Kehillah we talked about gender and stereotypes, We talked about how there are things that are considered more "girl stuff" and "boy stuff" (even though there's no such thing). People should wear whichever color they want and do whatever they want. Then we played some games and did some activities, for example, the girls hammered the symbol that represents women.

 - Clu

The Adventures of Moses and the Snake

 - Mack & Sebastian

This year Revo's theme was Pixar. We had different types of movies such as Cars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Brave, Incredibles & Ratatouille.  This event was planned by the Madatz (CITs). They all dressed up as characters from these movies and we had a carnival. There was a station for each movie and we played different games and had to do challenges with our group at each one. They idea was that these characters were not getting along, and we had to help them learn to be friends.

 - Rachel and Ella P.