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Bogrimot Educational Arc

This past session, the Bogrimot (going into 10th grade) participated in a process that was designed to create a strong kvutzah (age group) and empower them to recognize their own voice in their communities, and ability to change the world. 

In the first portion we learned about structures that explicitly have to do with kvutzah: such as how the Jewish value Shivyon Erech Haadam (equality of human value) can be implemented in order to value every individual in the group. The second portion considered problematic issues within society outside of machaneh (camp), such as the prison industrial system and mental health stigmatization. The final portion combined the two themes from the past weeks, having the chanichimot recognize that through their kvutzah they have the power to change and fix systems. The Bogrimot learned so much and grew together because their commitment to establishing a loving, strong community within their kvutzah, that they hope to translate to the rest of the world. 

 - Erin Earp (Kvutza 64, Madricha at Gilboa)