Saturday, July 8, 2017

Shabbat Blogging - Sayalimot A

At Gilboa everyone takes responsibility for the way the community functions and thrives. An important part of it is preparing camp for Shabbat. Every Friday afternoon different groups are assigned different tasks such as cleaning the chadar (dining hall) and setting up for Shabbat dinner, baking challah, preparing a song and a skit to grit the Shabbat, and reflecting on the week in writing, to share with the camp community before dinner and to share with our larger community through the blog.

This week the Sayalimot (4th-6th grade) were in charge of the Gilboa blog. Here are their reflections, in writing and in drawing:

Getting to Camp and Settling In:

Greeted by Counselors

On my second day at Gilboa I was homesick. When I found out that it was rock n roll night I was really happy. I was with a bunch of older kids and I hung out with Timmy and Loren who really cheered me up. We went on rotations. My favorite activity was when we tried to find a special rock. Now, I'm not homesick anymore and I'm having so much fun at Camp Gilboa.

- Benjie


In archery there's a safety class so that you don't hurt yourself. The next thing is shooting. They give you an arm protector and a finger pad to protect you from getting rope burn. Then they teach you the right form of shooting and how to aim.

- Hannah

Camp Activities:

On the second day we chose our Avodah (work groups). I chose Ashpa (picking up trash) - Julian

We also got to choose chugim (electives) and I chose Spratz. - Gil

Chofesh - free time - when I hang out with my friends and play! - Adam

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