Saturday, July 8, 2017

Gilboa - Photos of the Week

On Thursday, the Madatz (CITs) took everyone on a chill round of activities.

 They read together and talked about books in "Reading and Chill".

 And hung out at the arts and crafts room with chug "Relax at the M-Yad"

And hung out at the arts and craft room at "Relax with 

 They played board games and cards.

 And had a "Rock Reading" group as well.

 Later on that day, Yom Israel (Israel Day) started. (A separate post about that coming soon).

Ready for Shabbat!

Shomrimot All Dressed Up!






Bogrim Upon Announcement of the Cleanest Tzrif Winners

Walking to the Lake on Shabbat

Post Shabbat Dinner Israeli Dancing

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