Saturday, August 6, 2016

Shabbat Blogging - PISH and its Values

Pish is a period of time where madrichimot introduce a topic of discussion to campers. These topics we discuss are relevant to today's world and almost always appear in our daily lives.

From racism to body image, from feminism to human rights, the discussions open our minds to new ideas and solutions. Tzevet (staff) spends a lot of time making Pish more fun, interesting and relatable. We watch educational videos, play trigger games, and conduct debates to fully grasp the topic of discussion. Different age group have different activities and questions so they can understand the topics.

So what do we get out of Pish? Education on important topics, the ability to challenge each other (and sometimes) respectfully disagree with other opinions, and the ability to share personal experiences with our kvutza.

During our feminism Pish, boys and girls split up and discussed two different aspects of the topic. Girls discussed internalized sexism, and boys discussed how to be allies. The topics are personalized to campers and help them with their daily struggles.

To us, Pish is a time to open up about our personal lives and relate to others our age. Pish is a time to debate, to disagree, to respect different opinions. But most of all, Pish is a time to bond with our kvutza and make memories.

 - Danya Kariv & Marly Mizrahi, Tzabimot (9th grade)

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