Friday, August 14, 2015

Chotrim (7th graders) - Second Session Kvutza Process

This summer, the Chotrim went through an interesting process together. They were able to learn and grow together through different peulot (experiential group activities). 

We started off by talking about the idea and importance of kvutza (age group within which the individuals grow and learn together, and support each other) and connected that to the idea of safe space and respect. The Chotrim were able to take ownership of their kvutza, as they deliberated and decided together how to spend their collective kupa money. They chose to go to Big Bear and eat pizza and ice cream before seeing the new movie Ant Man.  It was a day of fun and kvutza bonding. 

Chotrim were also able to become a stronger kvutsa on tiyul (hike), where they had to work hard and support each other in order to finish. We hiked to Castle Rock and spent time climbing the rocks and then hiked down to Boulder Cay where they got to relax and swim before hiking back up to camp. 

Overall, it was an amazing session and the Chotrim were able to learn to overcome their differences to become a strong kvutza. 

 - Jack and Ravenna (Chotrim Madrichim)


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pupikim - First Ever at Gilboa

2015 marks a momentous year for Habonim Dror as it introduced the youth movement to a brand new kvutza, the likes of which has never been seen before. This was the Pupikim (bellybuttons or navels, in Hebrew), a kvutza of chanichim entering 4th grade (whereas they had previously been included with the 5th graders in Amelim). 

Being Habonim Dror’s inaugural Pupikim, there comes the responsibility of creating a kvutza identity from scratch. This was a challenge that the Pupikim met head on. Though two members of the Kvutza of 15 had been to Gilboa before as Nitsanim in 3rd grade, this was a new experience for all of them. As such, they had many key aspects of Gilboa to familiarize themselves with. These topics manifested themselves during Peulot (discussion-based activities) and included what makes a Kvutza more than just an age group, an introduction to kupa (collective pooling of resources for intentional use by a group), what it means to be creative, and a geographic and cultural introduction to Israel. The Pupikim engaged with these topics together and with utmost enthusiasm. 

Furthermore, as a kvutza, the Pupikim proved to be one of the more self-supporting kvutzot at machaneh. They truly loved and cared about each other and in doing so, helped to build each other’s confidence and propel themselves to taking on more active and participatory roles around Machaneh. 

All in all, the Pupikim were an enriching kvutzah with an unparalleled energy. It is safe to say this is not the last that we’ve seen of these kids. The Pupikim are here to stay.

 - Ari Howorth, Pupikim madrich

Friday, August 7, 2015

Camp is over, but thinking about it doesn't end

Chug Rap and Hip Hop

This year I decided to choose the Rap and Hip Hop Chug. Although it had hip-hop in the name, it was mainly focused on rap. 

In the beginning we listened to old school rap by Slick Rick and others. Then, we went through the decades and dynasties of rap, starting from the late 80’s, where rap was a poem or a story with a beat, all the way to current rap with a story being told, some singing, many beats and generally more complex than old school. 

We learned what it meant to be African-American or white in the game of rap. Also, what it means to be a man or a woman in rap. My favorite part was listening to various artists I had never heard of before, and writing my own raps. At the last Shabbat of first session we performed eight lines each. 
Here is a piece of mine…

Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa
At this kosher camp there is no barbacoa
Every day we have PISH with our kvutza
Some might say we have a lot of chutzpa
At chuggim we write a lot of rap
For rikkud we dance everything but tap
We sing a ton of things for shira
Don’t end up sick in the mirpa’a

 -     -        Isaiah Beenhouwer (Bo, bo, bo, Bonim)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Gilboa Photos

Sayarim on the Lake

Revolution Monster Training

Learning the Monster Dance

Continuing Monster Instruction

Shabbat Photos

Poopikim and Amelim Replacing Mazkirut?

Shabbat Chugim - MAGIC

Shabbat Chugim - Mandala & Music

Shabbat Chugim - Water Beads Science

Friday, July 31, 2015

Shabbat Blogging - Sayarim (6th graders)

Here are some of the week's experiences, as described by the Sayarim (6th graders):

Seriously PISH
In my opinion, this year by far has had the best pishes. A PISH (peulat shichva) is where the kvutza plays a fun, light game that represents something. Then, we will have a deep, deep, meaningful sicha (discussion) about it. One time, we baked cookies with the ingredients representing the different cultures in Israel. After that, we watched a short film about these cultures and then ate the cookies! Today we ate oreos and talked about how capitalism affects the environment . 2015’s pishes are better than ever!

-        - Tomek &; Aidan

On Wednesday the 29th, the Madatz (counselors in training) took over Gilboa for Revo (revolution). The theme was Monsters Inc. and it was so awesome! For breakfast they put food coloring  on basically everything. The decorations really made it look like the “scare floor” from the movie. Then we went to Scare Training to practice scaring! Then we went to Monster Resort (which was supposed to be at the pool but we got rained out, so it was at the chadar). Afterwards, we watched Monsters Inc. the movie, and after that had a PISH about friendship and learning how to respect other people's differences. Then we had dinner and it was pretty good. After that we had chofesh (which means free time). Then we had a night activity and we tried to convince the monster that Boo and kids are good. After that we had an awesome dance party and it was super fun! All together, Revo was an awesome day!

-         - Drew, Arlo &; Julian

Larping – the Best Chug
At the beginning of camp there were many activities offered.  Some of them were Spy, Archery, Sports, and our choice – Larping (Live Action Role Play). In this chug we chose a class from Assassin, Knight, Paladin and Monk. Each class made up names, props and backstories. After that they taught us how to fight. This included duels, hunger games or (free for all) and team battles. In all, it has been a great activity. We hope it continues next year.

-         - Ben S., Liam &;  Daniel O.

Larping is Amazing
At chug Larping we get to fight with swords and we wish we could do it in real life. There are some classes: Knights with a sword and a shield, Paladin with a big reinforced sword, Assassin with two short swords, Monk with a long double-sided one. It’s so much fun!

-         - Chase &; Ben L.  

Aliyah Bet
We were all peacefully sleeping, when a warning came across the cabin. It was not safe for the Jews to live in Morocco. We were rushed out of the cabins and into the dark night. There were guards walking around while we disguised ourselves, used a limited number of letters to create 10 things we needed to survive, created a fake passport and unlocked a secret password. As soon as we finished those tasks we got smuggled into a plane that took us to Israel. When we arrived we were welcomed with hot cocoa and brownies. Taped to the walls were different articles and personal stories about Jews  who lived in countries in the Middle East and Africa who had to sneak into Israel. In the end, we learned how hard it was for the Jews to get to Israel.

-       -   Shoshana 

Aliyah Bet
Yesterday was a normal day. We sang Rad Hayom, brushed our teeth and went to bed at 9:30pm. At 10:30pm our madrichim woke us up and told us to run because we needed to cross Morocco’s border before morning. We were pretending to be Sephardic Jews in the second mass immigration to Israel. We got to make fake passports for the trip. After we did that, we got to get mustaches drawn on our faces, we had to make 10 nouns with Scrabble tiles. We also had to answer a riddle and solve a hangman to cross the border. In the chadar (a.k.a Israel) we got hot cocoa  and brownies. We finally went to sleep for real at 11:45pm. Overall, it was awesome!

-         - Asher

Aliyah Bet
On Thursday , August 30th, at around 10:30pm, every tzrif in machaneh was woken up to do an activity called Aliyah Bet. This specific Aliyah Bet, we were all pretending to be Jews escaping from Mizrachi/Sephardic countries to go to Israel. We broke up into mishpachot (families) and did activities. These activities included making passports, figuring out a secret password, and catching a boat (really, a van). Aliyah Bet connected to what we had learned earlier that day, because we had learned about Jews from morocco, Egypt, Iran and other countries with Sephardic Jews, who had to flee their homes and come to Israel. In conclusion, Aliyah Bet was a very exciting part of the machaneh Gilboa night experience.

-         - Mira and Jessica

Dressed in dark clothes in the dark night we were were sneaking around, getting to different locations and getting marked. It wasn’t that easy because people were watching us and sending us back to the start. We hid in bushes, behind trees, and blended into our surroundings. Sometimes we weren’t hidden well enough and the zappers zapped us with the light of a flashlight that slowed us down. At specific part we had to risk ourselves to get to where we wanted to be. Overall it was hard work and we got to where we wanted to be.

-         -  Shoshana 

Tiyul (hike) for the Sayarim was a six mile hike that took us seven hours along the Siberian Creek Trail. During the hike we stopped to climb rocks, play games, eat lunch, do dares and have some interesting bathroom breaks. Before we left we were given water jugs to share with a partner. Eventually, all of our water jugs had names, faces, personalities and backstories. After our group picture we headed of down the trail with our baby water jugs in hand. The trail was beautiful and the end point made us feel like we were on top of the world. On the way down we all told riddles and jokes. We had an incredible time. It was a very memorable part of Gilboa.

-        Noa, Coco &; Milla

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tiyul - Nature Hike

Leaving for Tiyul

Bogrim and Bonim