Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bonim Shabbat Blogging

Bonim's Shabbat Blogging was left as a draft on the blog. Here is their chance to be published bloggers:

Tikkun Olam
Habonim Dror has begun to take a different direction, reminding ourselves of our roots and values. Tikkun Olam or "healing the world" is core to our movement or to Gilboa. We have begun to reach out and plan what each one of us can contribute and how we can collectively improve our home communities. We also discussed subjects such as the difference between short and long term solutions, symptoms of injustice and the systems that cause them, as well as avenues to social changes such as teach-ins, rallies, protests, etc.

- Elijah

Aliyah Bet 
It all started at 1am, when we were woken up by madrichim telling us "wake up, it's time to make Aliyah!" After a few minutes of resisting, we were outside making ID cards for our aliyah. We were led by a rope to "get into Israel", but encountered some obstacles, including getting sprayed by water guns (or the spray of the waves on the boat). We made it safely to the chadar (Israel), where we drank hot chocolate and were told about what was to come next in our journey.

Yitzhak Rabin persuaded us, Bonim and Bogrim, to save the younger kids from "Atlit detention Camp", where they had been caught by the British while trying to get to the chadar, and were being held captive. After rescuing them, we went to the medura pit, sang songs and ate pita in celebration of our success in reaching Israel. In this fun activity, we learned a lot about the difficult journey olim experienced before Israel was established.

- Talia, Mia

On Thursday evening before the end of first session, chanichim were surprised by a visit from Captain Hook and the rest of the Peter Pan crew. It took campers only a few moments to realize it was BoCoup, a machaneh-wide takeover by the Bogrim (the oldest kvutza). These fantasy characters quickly "scared off" the madrichim, after which chanicim were left to save Neverland. Later that night, the lost boys led groups in training for the upcoming battle against Captain Hook. This included a lesson from first mate Smee, that exposed Captain Hook's fear of crocodiles, storms, flooding, etc. and a fun game led by Nana, Wendy's dog.

Wendy taught us a song to help uplift our spirit and make Captain Hook reconsider. Tinkerbell taught campers to "fly" with the assistance of "fairy dust" (aka glitter). The last part of training consisted of Peter Pan's "Hook-fighting-simulator" in which campers had to catch peach rings hung from clothes hangers. In the end, Peter and his crew pushed Captain Hook overboard with the help of the chanichim. This victorious battle was celebrated with ice cream and candy!

- Sarina, Maya T., Omri Livneh

Bonim Chuggim
This summer, Bonim were given the chance to run chuggim (activities) for the whole machaneh. The Bonim got into groups that met, worked hard and planned different activities. The groups were chug philosophy, chug womyn, frisbee and dance. A few days later, when chuggim were run, Bonim explained the suggested activities to the campers, who got to choose which one they wanted to participate in. Philosophy talked about the value of life which was very enlightening. Chug Womyn got a big attendance from Shomrot and up, and they got to share and talk about issues of body image and pressure of society. Chug Frisbee ran a big game, and chug Dance campers learned two new dances, and got to practice them.

- AJ, Noga, Ben H.

Sunday, August 3, 2014



If you don’t already know, Revo is a day where the madatz (Counselors in Training) take over camp and kick out the madrichim. The madatz then run camp and have a special themed day for all the chanichim. 

For this year’s Revo, we as the madatz ran a board game-themed day. The chanichim were divided into groups led by main characters such as hippos from the game hungry hungry hippos, soldiers from the game of risk, candy-themed characters from candy land, and characters called Ace and Jack that led a playing card group. Each group created their own cheer and got very involved in representing their group game. 

In the beginning of the day, it was announced that Mr. Money Bags (from the game of Monopoly) had bought everyone out and would only let one game stay in Gameland (the fictional setting for the day.) Chanichim then had to compete against each other in a round robin style, going from station to station in their groups. Every station was themed around a specific board game which everyone then played together. These included human chess, life-size battleship with water balloons, and a maze that represented mouse trap. The groups worked together to defeat each other until they realized that the real enemy they should be defeating was Mr. Money Bags.

Everyone then joined together to literally beat Mr. money Bags at his own game by playing a giant game of Monopoly where every space was a challenge/task they had to perform. After lunch and a celebration, there emerged a new bad guy in the form of Techno. He believed that board games were a thing of the past and should be replaced by apps. The groups went on a scavenger hunt around the lake to gather the necessary supplies to defeat Techno. They then participated in another round robin, where each station was a different app game they had to eliminate. The games included angry birds (where chanichim knocked down painted boxes,) candy crush (mashing up chocolate into choco balls,) and flappy bird (going through an obstacle course.) 

After dinner, to finally get rid of Techno man, all of the groups built forts out of cardboard boxes and then threw water balloons at him. The night ended with a dance party and dessert. 

For us, this day was a time to step up and take responsibility. We planned one full day for the chanichim and tried to make it as exciting and engaging as possible. Overall, it was a success and a time where both madatz and chanichim bonded and had fun.

 Revo Announced

 Amelim Building the Jordan River System (out of candy, of course)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Musical Photos

Tiyul - Hike

Today we went on a tiyul - a hike. As we walked, there was a great view, we could also see the lake (Big Bear Lake), animals, plants and flowers all around us. There was also a fair amount of shade here and there. We had lots of water breaks so nobody got thirsty or was thirsty for too long.

We played two games: Camouflage (basically hide and go seek, except the person who is "it" has to stand in one spot and the people that are hiding  always have to see the person's eyes).

At another game we got a paper with someone's name. To eliminate someone from the game, you had to say Backlauw in a normal voice to that person, without anyone else hearing you. Then you would get their paper slip with another person's name, and then you had to eliminate him or her. You win the game once you get the paper slip with your name.  This game means you have to learn to trust and know everyone's names.

Once we got to Castle Rock there was this jumbo rock. I found another way to climb the rock, which led to a new path. Then I discovered a passageway that goes to the top of the rock. Some people needed help so I helped pull them up, and Ari and Yahli (our madrichim - counselors) also pulled people up.

Once we were at the top, we could see really far - more than two miles, maybe even three.
We jumped around and looked, laid down, we talked - it was really fun. It was also fun jumping on the way down.

When we got back we got to have our free hour (chofesh) and relax from the long hike or play.

Even though it was tiring, the view, the games and fun were worth it.

- By Ben Keri (Amelim)

 Shomrot Preparing to Go on the Hike


Monday, July 28, 2014

Shabbt Blogging - SyCho

Monster Bar-Mitzvah
Last week, we were told to dress up and act as friends and family of Ronnie, the “Bar-Mitzvah boy”. We would be attending his simcha that night.

While we were listening to his speech, there was interruption… Dun-dun-dunnn!!!  Monsters came streaming through the doors, clawing us and moaning. We split into groups and began our monster celebration. Each station had a different activity that showed us what monsters think a bar-mitzvah should look like.

At one station we learned a “Monster Mash” dance. We also visited a monster photo booth and roared for the camera. At another station, we wrote notes to the bar mitvah boy. We painted them on a picture of his face and then got our own faces painted. At the last station, volunteers from the group tasted the special monster smoothie made of old leftovers (gross!)

Al in all, we realized that a monster bar-mitzvah was much more fun than a regular one.

-      -  Ari, Nina, Eliza

Zombies vs. Ninjas vs. Dinosaurs vs. Pirates
One of the nights last week we did something CRAZY! It started out to be a pirate themed night and ended being a feud of Zombies vs. Ninjas vs. Dinosaurs vs. Pirates.  Each species held a rotation. The pirates with sword fighting, the ninjas with stealthy camouflage, the dinosaurs with the obstacle course and the zombies with the brain eating relay race. In the end we played an intense game of capture the flag to determine the best group. It turned out that we all had the best time when it was PiratesNinjasDinosaursZombies Night!

-        - Adam, Sam, Gabe, Gal

Sycho is a combination of Sayarim and Chotrim.  It’s a kvutza of 6th and 7th graders.
We meet new friends, go to the pool together, talk with them about the sports we like.
In the first few days we played games that showed us how to work as a team and what kvutza is.
We talked about how our kvutza is like our home here in Gilboa.
We like the songs that we sing in the morning. We sing songs to start the day with high and fun energy.

-        - Ben, Jono, Nikolai, Jordan

Chuggim are interest groups that the chanichim (campers) take part in. There are all different kinds of chuggim to try so that chanichim find what they like. There are chug art, harry potter, Triple-E (extreme, exciting exercise), flower power, chug women, ha ha you’re funny, and archery.

In Art you learn to express yourself in artistic ways. In harry potter you get to live a life at Hogwarts, make potions, find your perfect wand, and get sorted into your house when you join. Triple-E is where you learn to stay fit and healthy. There are all sorts of chuggim and they are all fun.

-      -   Maya, Romi

Shabbat Photos