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Day 3 - Zman Israel and more

In “Zman Israel” yesterday, campers divided into two groups. The first group learned some great Israeli songs, while the other shared in a program about the Israeli election. After a brief explanation of how a parliamentary system works and an introduction to the Israeli political system, campers participated in an election game and learned more about the different political parties and their platforms. Campers realized how complicated the Israeli political system is, which fit perfectly with “Hamila shel Hayom” – the Hebrew word of the day:  Mevulbalim Gam Anachnu – Confused We Are Also.

Chugim (interest groups) choices yesterday included Snowltimate Frisbee, Snarcore (Snow parkour), Secret Mission, Middle Eastern poetry, and a nature hike in which campers learned to use a guide to identify different trees.

Today, after a lively Hitkansut Boker (morning gathering) where campers sang the cheers each kvutza (age group) wrote, we continued the camp-wide team strategy game “Mafia” we started playing yesterday. Chugim today included a discussion about facebook and our use of social media, Judaism and feminism, a group story writing activity that included improv games and creating a skit out of the story, a Comics activity where campers looked into classics such as “The Far Side” and created comic strips of their own, and a second nature hike.

Tomorrow is “Yom Meyuchad” – special day. Stay tuned to read all about it!

More from first & second day in Machaneh Choref (Winter Camp) 2012

For the first time in many years the road was clear of snow. The buses arrived to camp earlier than expected, and we had more time to play in the snow and get to know each other in the kvutzot (age groups), as well as a whole machaneh. After lunch, planned activities started with a round robin to familiarize ourselves with camp boundaries and camp rules, a visit to the Marp (health center) to meet our medic, Evan, and an introduction to Mt. Chai’s staff.

Chugim (interest groups) followed. Campers got to choose between “Secret Mission”, an activity that continued yesterday and resulted in a flash mob dance during dinner, Melechet-Yad (arts and crafts), origami, “Chugs and Kisses” – where kids talked about love and kindness, and got to put their thoughts into action by bringing hot cocoa to the younger kids.

In Tochnit-Erev (evening program) we played a “Meet the Madrichim’s Condiments Game” to get to know the madrichim (counselors) and the different flavors that make up Gilboa.  We divided into groups and went on an adventure where through various challenges campers learned different facts about madrichim and had to match the fact to the madrich.

Today started with Avodah (work). At Gilboa we encourage campers to feel ownership of their community and physical space by taking responsibility for them. We start every day with a period of work that contributes to the community and empowers campers to be active participants. During winter camp campers will get the chance to work at toranut (set up breakfast), clear snow from paths, and create snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Morning exercise lead by our Bogrim (9th and 10th graders) was super fun, energetic and well-planned. Peulat Shichva (activity by age group) followed. This winter camp, these activities, as well as our camp-wide ones, focus on the subject “The Power Is Yours”. Amelim (our youngest group), for example, built a snow fortress together and had to defend it from invaders, experiencing the power and strength that result from working together as a group. In the next few days our activities will look into what has power over us, what we have power over in our own lives, and will culminate with “the power of community” – what can be achieved when we work together.

Zman-Sheleg (snow time) followed and was especially active today. It included “Capture the Flag in the Snow”, sledding, snowball fights and snowmen building.
More blog posts later today, where will share more about Zman Israel, last night’s evening program, and today’s yom meyuchad (special day).

Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter Camp 2012 - day 1

Lots of snow welcomed everyone to camp. Chanichim (campers) spent first day with their madrichim (counselors) and their kvutza (group).
Tradionally, first thing in the morning of the real first day in camp, we take an all camp picture. (Due to some technical challenges we have only one picture here, but we promise to send some more very soon...

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Fall Newsletter

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Spring 2012 Newsletter Header
Isaiah & otto Canoeing
What Gilboa Means To Me
Isaiah Beenhouwer - Sayarim (6th Grade)
I went to Gilboa for the first time last summer and I had a great time.  The reason is because there weren't any excluded kids in any activities at the camp any time.  That matters to me because bullying is a big flaw in life.  I see it at my school all the time and it was so nice to get away from that at Gilboa. I was asked to be part of a special program at school called Safe School Ambassadors and so I know when kids are bullying each other and I've been learning how to stop it but I didn't have to do that once at Gilboa - For example, during Z'man Sport (sports time) when we have more than enough players to play the game but another kid wants to join, we ALWAYS made room if they wanted to play. Nobody felt left out.  Or during Pish (Group Activity Time) if one of my friends wasn't fully participating, we would all check in with him and find out what's up.  Sometimes we'd stop our Pish and cheer up that person or just tell them we really wanted their company.  There was never a split second that you would feel left out.  My madrichim (counselors) would always make us laugh, cheer us up and would get us to participate in what everyone was doing - there was never a minute we could be bored.  So, it was a great break from having to worry about bullies or kids feeling bad because they weren't included.  Gilboa is one big family and that felt great. 
Shalom from Mazkirut Winter Camp
We, Zev Dever (rosh - head of camp), Emily Mayer (techni - technical director) and Zlil Simchon (shlicha - Israeli emissary) would like to introduce ourselves as the people behind what is shaping up to be exciting four days in the San Bernardino Mountains. Winter camp is always a wonderful time for chanichim (campers) and madrichim (counselors) to experience the magic that is Gilboa condensed into a few crazy, snow-filled days, and we are happy to be able to work behind the scenes to make this year's Machaneh Choref happen. 
We see Winter Camp as an amazing opportunity to build Gilboa's year-round community. It provides a unique chance to not only see friends from the summer, but to build new relationships within and outside of kvutzot (age-groups). Just like Hannukah lights up the darkest months, Winter Camp reminds all of us what it is to be part of an intentional and truly caring community right smack dab in the middle of the year, when we have a tendency to get caught up in our often very different lives. In the spirit of Gilboa's unique experiential education, Winter Camp also allows all of the chanichim, no matter what age, to go through a shared learning process that corresponds to a particular theme, engaging together in something meaningful not only in the context of the Gilboa community, but relevant to their lives outside Winter Camp as well.
What's the chinuch (educational) theme of this year's Winter Camp, you ask? Introducing...The Power Is YOURS! We decided to focus on the ability of both individuals and communities to make change because of our deep-seeded belief that, in a society that often doesn't give space for youth to have a voice, empowering ourselves and each other to speak up for what we believe in can yield beautiful results. This theme will come to life through awesome tochniot erev (evening activities), peulot (age-group education) as well as the hatzagah (ongoing play), which is always a highlight. We are so excited to see what the tzevet (staff) does with the theme; we have no doubt that they will create a one-of-a-kind experience for the chanichim, full of snow-filled adventure and meaningful educational content. Now tell me, what could be a better way to fill four days?
Annual Giving Campaign Underway!
Summer 2012: Gilboa's Best Summer Yet
Summer 2012 was Gilboa's most successful ever, and the results from this year's Foundation for Jewish Camp survey confirm that our Gilboa children and their parents gave the highest ratings (well above the national average) to their overall experience, their level of comfort with friends and staff, and the sense of Jewish connection that they returned home with.  Also very highly rated was the value in relation to the cost of camp - again well above the national average. 
And the most important indicator: Most (including many first-time campers) said they plan to return and 83% would recommend Gilboa to their friends! But so many of our kids can't do it without our help - we need to work together and build a scholarship fund so that our campers can enjoy this amazing summer!
Letters went out in the mail last week asking for tax-deductible donations to our annual giving campaign.  This is the effort we make each year to supplement tuition income so that we can maintain Gilboa's high level of value and provide scholarships to those in need.  Please give in any amount you can and as generously as possible. We need 100% participation from our staff and camper families, as you are the ones who most understand the great benefits that Gilboa provides for our children.
Gilboa's Capital Campaign supporters have stepped up with contributions of more than $1.15 million in cash and pledges (nearly halfway there!).  If you have donated toward the camp purchase, THANK YOU!  We hope you can also step up and contribute to this critical annual end-of-year fundraiser.  You can send the reply card that came with your letter or donate on-line at any time through our website:
 GIVE WHAT YOU CAN  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 
We are excited to announce that this year Gilboa will once again be partnering with LimmudLA to offer our brand of fun, experiential, and meaningful activities to their young Jewish learners! For Years LimmudLA has been bringing the southern California Jewish communities an open forum for exchange of Jewish thought, ideas and egalitarian learning. Gilboa is proud to partner with LimmudLA to bring youth the same caliber of meaningful experiences that their parents receive. At this year's December 9th LimmudLA West Valley event we will be offering a wide range of program options, from exploring our Jewish relationships, identity, and spirituality, to Israeli dancing, Hannukiya Making, Jewish Symbols Face Painting, and Making Judaism Milkshakes! Who knew Learning could Taste so sweet?! 
Come check it out, and bring the whole family!

LimmudLA 2012
Shalom GILBOA families!

My name is Zlil Simchon and I'm the new Shlicha of Habonim Dror Camp GILBOA.
I was born and raised in Nahariya, a small town in Northern Israel, close to the border with Lebanon.
I'm the youngest daughter in a family of five, and my parents supported my decision to move to Los Angeles to be a shlicha. Although they miss me, they think a youth 
movement is great place to be educated and have a safe and worthwhile experience. Both of them were members of Hano'ar Ha'oved v'halomed, the sister movement of Habonim Dror. My two older brothers live in Australia, and me and my family have great relationship and we share and talk almost every day.    
COMING SOON!  Cars4Causes
Give your Old car New life

Do you have an old car, RV, boat or truck and don't know what to do with it? Consider donating it to Cars for Causes, the Charity That Gives To Charities!  They offer a terrific way for people to donate to Gilboa by selling your donated vehicle. We benefit by receiving the proceeds from the sale and you receive a tax deduction!  All you need to do is call 1-800-766-2273

Lior & friends
Lior Bar-El (far left)
I am from Workshop (Habonim Dror's service year in Israel) number 62, and I am currently sitting in my house on Kibbutz Ein Dor in the Tzafon (north of Israel), where it has rained four times in the past two weeks. The chatzran - the maintenance services and repairs guy - told me that last week's one day of rain was heavier than an entire year's worth of rain they usually get. I work with him for Avodah (labor), which we have every Wednesday, and I've done everything from painting roofs to tilling the soil.
Last week, all of HDNA (Habonim Dror North America) and HDUK (Habonim Dror United Kingdom) - they live across the lawn from us - were split up into mixed groups and hiked Har (Mt.) Tavor, about a mile away from our current home.  
Now that the Jewish holidays are over, we've settled into a weekly routine. We get up in the morning, make breakfast for each other, have shiyurim (classes) about various topics such as Zionism, Jewish peoplehood, Jewish history, etc., go to lunch in the kibbutz chadar ochel (dining hall), come back for either hadracha (leadership) or Israeli society peulot (activities), learn Ivrit (Hebrew), and then have a tochnit erev (night activity) followed by an asepha (discussion). If it sounds like a lot, it's because it is; so don't worry, your sons and daughters will be kept busy with fun and knowledge when they get here. 
Lior Bar-El
Amelim '04
Are You A Legacy Builder & Dreamer?
Julia Greenwald
I must admit that I was surprised when I looked up the word " legacy" and saw that the definition is "anything handed down from the past", "a bequest", or "a gift of property". I was surprised because I always thought of a legacy as something that was handed down from generation to generation because it was loved, valued and had deep meaning.
No matter what the dictionary says, in our community, the Legacy program is indeed about values, and about US making sure that something we love is there for our children and our children's children - and that something is Gilboa.    Read More...  
Bring a Friend Discounts
                               Learn More About Bring a Friend Discounts  
B'Tnua - In The Youth
Zoey Green
B'Tnua - In the Youth Movement
All across North America, from L.A. to Philadelphia, madrichim (counselors) from our 7 camps brought engaging conversations about Jewish identity and the peace process to their local communities. In early November, hundreds commemorated Yitzhak Rabin and reflected on his important place within the Middle East peace process through t'kasim (ceremonies) and peulot run by Habonim Dror members. Given the current events in Israel, these sorts of educational initiatives become even more important as our movement members try to create awareness and dialogue about peace in their own communities.  Read More
Winter Camp! 
December 23-27
December 9             
Chanukah Ken
December 9             
Chanukah Ken
December 9             
Camp Gilboa@LimmudLA
December 2             
December 7
Chanukah Ken

December 2             
  • Thank you to all our families, supporters and volunteers.
  • This season we want to give a special shout out to Harold Grinspoon and his team of mentors who have been helping Gilboa with fundraising efforts, purchasing the new campsite and organizing into an efficient team of volunteers. Harold is the mind and soul behind various successful programs to develop and sustain Jewish Camps, and we owe him and his vision endless thanks. Harold has been invited to visit camp this summer, and we hope he will accept. 
  • Thank you for Jennifer Freund and ImpressionsLA for printing thousands of brochures for Gilboa
  • To our Gilboa Legacy Builders and Dreamers Team: Dr. Barbara Breger, David Oderberg and Julia Greenwald, who, for a second year in a row, achieved the goal set by the Grinspoon Foundation for new society members, and "won" Gilboa $10,000.  
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