Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Camp ... Winter Camp ...

Summer camp is almost over, and we are already preparing for Winter camp!

Winter camp 2011 will take place this year between Tuesday, December 20th, and Sunday, December 25th, at Camp Mountain Chai; the same location we were at last year. This beautiful, kosher mountain retreat facility has comfortable winterized cabins and lodges, and lots of new areas to play in and explore.

Here are the Winter Camp flyer and registration form. We're looking forward to see all of you, and many of your friends.

Last Shabbat at camp

Last shabbat at camp started like every other shabbat at camp by everyone getting ready for shabbat, cleaning their tzrifim (cabins) and dressing up for shabbat.

Chotrim boys won the "golden pinecone" for the cleanest cabin, and were
called to the toren to raise the flag and sing Hatikva with all the camp, in preparation for Shabbat.

They are clearly proud of their win... :)

Everyone are dressed up for shabbat...




Bogrim & Bogrot:

We walk to the lake to watch the sunset and prepare for Shabbat:

As we reach the lake, we have an opportunity for everyone to have our Shabbat hugs, and meet our camp sieblings.

After Shabbat dinner, we have our Shabbat shira (singing) and rikud (dancing)

Shabbat Shalom !

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camp Gilboa - Wandering (the movie)

Wandering - Created by Itamar and Kara, as part of the The Five Year Gilboa Pledge Campaign

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yom Meyuhad, Revo and more...

We’ve had intensely fun last couple of days at Gilboa. It’s been a lot of magic, fun and challenging education during second session.

Yom Meyuchad (Special Day) started the session off with a bang. The madrichim created a post-apocolyptic consumerist dystopia populated by cannibalistic zombies. Chadar Ochel turned into a wasteland. As the day progressed, the chanichim learned about the dangers of consumption and developed the tools to create their own sustainable society.

Madrichim were not such a beautiful sight for the eyes. They really got into character...

The leader ordered everyone to go out and consume as much as possible.

Sunscreen happens even in Wasteland

"Use as much oil as possible" Station

"Consuming Mashmallows" Stations

Before lunch, the "Leader" announced that all resources have run out, and the population now had to compete for them. One of the groups did so at a mud-gaga game.

In the afternoon, after society had reached the deepest desperation and deprivation, we started thinking how we repair our society and build a better world. Everyone showered, wore clean clothes, and went together to the lake.

On the lake, madrichim in kayaks/stations held tools to repair and rebuild the world. The chanichim had to kayak to the stations, and get the tools.

Once they had the tools, they gathered in groups, and discussed how these tools will be used, and how an ideal society should look like.

"Revo" - Revolution was another highlight, with the madatzim taking over to lead an Imagination-themed special day. The day was a vibrant collage of various familiar characters from Pixar, Calvin and Hobbes, Where the Wild Things Are, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was amazing to see this highly capable madatz kvutzah flexing their hadracha (leadership) muscles.

Madatz taking over hitkansut boker (morning assembly):

Chanichim entered a colorful chadar ochel, and were treated to a special sprinkly and colorful breakfast.

Drawing on tables at breakfast. The tables were a whole world of imagination by the end of each meal.

At different stations around camp, chanichim played different games. Here, with Gilly, trying to teach her chanichim how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from scratch (literally), and not to be so literal.

Tochniot Erev have stepped up a notch in terms of both kessem (magic) and educational content. One night was dedicated to an intensive exploration of Islamophobia with a concluding discussion about the Arab Spring.

Our tochnit erev last night was an import from Habonim Dror UK (thanks to our resident Brit, Jonny). The Madrichim performed what is known as the Conscience Play, a short dramatic piece that explores the suppression of conscience in the Holocaust.

If that all wasn’t enough for you, we’re getting ready for tiyul today....”

And, a very important event happened to our MBIers in Israel today... they received their chultza (shirt) ! Congratulations ! We're very proud of you.