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Shabbat Blogging

This week was Goofimot’s turn to debrief their week and contribute to the blog! During a peula shichva (educational activity by age group) this week, the Goofimot learned about different kinds of labor, and practiced teamwork skills by working together to build a super top-secret Goofimot fort! The fort is fully equipped with walls (branches), a couch (log) and even a carpet (leaves)!

From Nova Cyngiser: “Once upon a time there lived a kvutzah called Goofimot and they made a fort! They made it so well hidden that no one could see it.”

A map to the fort by Lilah Ludwig: *Disclaimer — The Goofimot ask that you, reader of this blog post, do not show this map to any chanichimot (campers). They would appreciate confidentiality and secrecy regarding the location of their fort. 

The Goofimot in their fort:

Also, a poem by Amelia Johnson: What may the stars hold?

Maybe an island or a pot of gold.

“I’ll miss my family if I go there,” I say.

But I just might go there one day.

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Nitsanot Recap

First Session Nitsanot 

From the Nitsanot Madrichimot (counselors):The Nitsanot had a great introduction to camp!

Once they settled into their cabins, they took a tour of camp and met everyone at Hitkansut Erev (camp-wide gathering). They impressed the entire machaneh with their cheer and ruach (energy). After dinner, they went to the fire pit to channel connections with nature and discover their inner spirit animals. This ritualistic soiree set the tone for the following days.

The second day they woke up to a regular day at camp. They did avodah (labor) as a kvutza (group), and before the rain commenced, they tie-dyed our camp shirts and went to the fire pit for Zman Madatz (CIT Time) to learn a new camp Rikkud (dance). They walked together as a kvutza to the meadow where they had a meditative letter-writing peula (activity). In the silence of the outdoors, they wrote letters to their parents, to nature, and to themselves. They ate an unanimously satiating lunch at the chadar ochel …

Gilboa - Beginning of Second Session

Shabbat Blogging

Every Friday afternoon everyone participates in preparing for Shabbat. Some chanichimot (campers) bake challah, others set the tables for dinner, Benny (the camp dog) is being washed, some groups prepare songs and skits, and a group of campers write the Shabbat blog as their way of providing a glimpse into what happened at Gilboa this past week.

This week the Shomrimot (8th graders) were tasked with the blog - here's what they came up with:

One with the Thorn
Yesterday, July 12th, was Bocoup. What is Bocoup? It's a day in which one of the kvutzot (age groups), the Bogrmiot, take over  camp. The theme they came up with was the Avengers. The Bogrimot decorated the chadar (dining hall) and some of them dressed up as Marvel heroes. But anyway, that's not the point, or at least not what I wanted to write about. One of the last activities we did was a game called Zap. There are a multiple of games called Zap, but this one in particular is known for being a Gilboa specialty. And s…

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