Friday, August 5, 2016

Welcome Nitsanimot, Harold and the Purple Crayon Tochnit Erev, Madatzimot Nitsanimot Avodah and ACA Accreditation

On Wednesday we got to welcome the Nitsanimot kvutza, our youngest group who came for a "taste of Gilboa". Nitsanimot mostly have their own program, but on Thursday night they participated at a camp wide Tochnit Erev (evening program) - themed Harold an the Purple Crayon.

Together with everyone, they witnessed how Harold's purple crayon was taken away from him in an attempt to curb his creativity. Everyone went on a quest to bring back the purple crayon and restore creativity and imagination to Harold, for the sake of the people in his life.

Chanichimot went through a series of activities, and at each station they replenished some of the originality that was lost. They explored predetermined ballet moves versus free form dance; they brainstormed everything that can happen with a crayon; they made a dragon out of graham crackers, raisins and candy - following instructions at first, and then making their own (and eating it); and then they painted the chadar ochel (dining hall).

After a succssful round robin, they managed to get the imagination-suffocating culprits, and splashed some paint on them, to color their being, make them more lively, and awaken their creativity.

Today, the Nitsanimot participated in their first Avodah (work) block, and joined Madatzimot in their summer project - designing and building a new Peula space for machaneh. They used the creative burst they gained the night before, and painted the log circle together.

Speaking of Avodah - this spring and summer Gilboa went through a process of preparing for an accreditation visit from the American Camp Association (ACA). Yesterday, the ACA visitors spent the day at Gilboa. They learned about our structures of communal responsibility to the program, the site and each other, and were impressed by the fact that a camp that is maintained by chanichimot and madrichimot is so well run. After a full day of inspections and interviews, the ACA visitors determined that Gilboa passes every single standard they have, and gave us a perfect score!

 Nitsanimot upon Arrival


 Nitsanimot in Hitkansut (evening gathering) 

 Creating Dragons out of Candy

 Avodah at Camp

 Nitanimot and Madatzimot

 Later this morning, a camp-wide pool party (to celebrate Benny the Dog's Bark-Mitzvah) took place. Lots of dancing, playing and jumping - a good last Zman Brecha (pool time) of the summer.

Nitsanim at the Big Bear Zoo

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