Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Camp Gilboa 2016 - First Few Days

The first few days of summer 2016 at Machaneh Gilboa were incredibly full and active. The new basketball court was initiated and is getting much use.  New cheers for kvutzot (age groups) were written and practiced, the Hatzaga (skit) for the summer was launched (to much critical acclaim), and chanichim chose and started participating in their chuggim (electives) and Avoda (work) groups. Everyone has also been working on welcoming new chanichim and forming new friendships.

Tochniot Erev (Evening Programs)

On Monday evening chanichim (campers) were taken aboard a pirate ship. They were welcomed into the pirate community by the Pirate King, who told them his tale regarding his stolen treasure and sent them on an adventure to find his loot. In different pirate teams, the kids engaged with fun activities, such as capture the flag and zap, a game in which they attempted to sneak across machaneh (camp) without being caught by the pirate police (madrichim equipped with flashlights). At the end of their journey, the chanichim found the loot, but discovered that the Pirate King would not share his treasure. Chanichim decided to prioritize sharing, and worked together to overthrow the Pirate King. 

Last night all of the chanichim (campers) were invited to an overnight birthday party that turned into a journey into the realm of dreams. It turned out that there was a dream leak that needed to be fixed in order for everyone to be keeping their dreams alive.  In different stations chanichim explored the different types of dreams; lucid dreams, daydreams, hoop dreams and were even able to enter the dreams of other people.  They then had to find different famous dreamers, such as Jane Addams, Maya Angelou and Zivia Lubetkin who helped them plug the leak, showing that even though you get older your capacity to dream and turn those dreams into reality should not diminish.

Tomorrow is Yom Israel (Israel Day) - and another blog post should be coming your way!